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Hi i tryed ordering a microwave for Debenhams yesterday as i have some money left on a couple of gift cards i alos used the 20% off code and the free delivery code.

When i got to the payment page i typed in my gift card details for part payment and then pressed accept thinking it would have £7 outstanding how would you like to pay?

It didnt it just processed my order and then sent me an email saying thank you for your order.

I havent heard anymore, what will happen anyone know?

Thanks in advance.


ring them and ask..

You will probably get a bill for the outstanding amount when they deliver the microwave.

You will probably get an e-mail in a couple of days time saying it is out of stock, that is what happened to me a month ago. It seems unless the card has enough credit on it to pay for the whole order you cannot use it online.

Can't use giftcards for part payment, it's in the terms and conditions, not very customer friendly

And you'll probably get a woman's top delivered instead of the microwave! :roll:

I have just had the same thing with a duvet from Debenhams. They sent me a letter saying the goods were on their way and then followed it with another one saying that the money had been refunded to my account, with no reason. I think that they didnt want me to have the goods so cheap as I went to order it again out of interest and it was still in stock.
So I reakon that you will get a letter similar to mine, but ever the optimist!! Let us know if it turns up!

i have had a nightmare recenctly with debenhams.i ordered the duvet and paid for that with discounts.then on a seperate order i order candles etc that were reduced,the two payments came out of my bank at the correct amount then 3 days later they took £4.95 off me again without even asking,i have phoned and emailed and all they say is head office will contact me.they are the worse for customer care,and once they got your card details they take the discounts back that way without you even knowing,hoping that you dont notice,i will be phoning them again tomorrow and demanding that i speak to someone in authority,also i am going to try and get the bank to get that payment back.i will never shop with them again.what customer care they have..they dont give a else where if you can.

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Thanks for all you comments, i originally bought a jacket with the gift card, i had an email saying it was dispatched after 10 days nothing arrived so i phoned and i was told the item was out if stock and that they would refund the money to my gift card, i told them that i didnt have the gift card anymore and the lady i spoke to said she would send out a new gift card, 5 days later i got a letter saying that the money had been refunded to my gift card so i had to phone then again and again explain that i no longer had the gift card so finally they sent me a new gift card with my refund on. I find them terrible to deal with and if i didnt have these gift cards to use up i wouldnt deal with them again.
I wonder how long it will take me to get a refund this time, it seems they are very quick to take our money and no very quick giving it back.

Thanks all

Ive also had the same duvet problem and I think you'r right about them not wanting you to have it so cheaply. I had a letter giving me the delivery date but when it didn't arrive I contacted them and was told its not available and my card will be credited. Makes me wonder what would have happened if I didn't call them as they hadn't told me it was out of stock and they could quite easily emailed me. Be careful when using codes and don't rely on getting a bargin. I missed out on getting a cheap duvet elsewhere because of this...........anyone know if all this messing about with customers orders and not having the stock is legal????? It has also happened to me with Tesco, why are they allowed to get away with this.
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