Debenhams SHA1 (Free Delivery Code) - is it for Gold Card members only?

Found 30th Jan 2009
I recently made an order with Debenhams using SHA1 - it appeared at checkout that I had free delivery (£4.50) - which is a great saving. But...... when I received my actual order with the invoice they had actually charged me for delivery of £4.50. I emailed them, which at first they ignored the question as to why I was charged, it wasn't until I emailed the second time that they replied back saying SHA1 code is for Gold Card members only..!!! Does anybody know if I have a leg to stand on - and whether it is worth replying back fighting a case as why I should pay for delivery when it blatently stated £0.00 online at time of purchase,
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I've used it before and certainly haven't been billed - i'm not a gold card member either

I've used it before and certainly haven't been billed - i'm not a gold … I've used it before and certainly haven't been billed - i'm not a gold card member either

im not a gold member either and used it 4 times before
Debenhams have been doing this for ages & ages some people get charged others don't its pot luck. I have been charged extra when using discount codes and this code the same as you its illegal what they are going by charging extra after you receive the email with the total cost but still do it and it took me 5 emails for them even to reply to me about it they just ignore you hoping your go away. The free delivery code (SHA1) is for gold card members only but if your lucky it will not get picked up.
Debenhams keep cancelling my order when I use SHA1 - very frustrating! is a shambles. Their customer service is ridiculously poor for such a reputable name. As others have said, it's pot luck on (a) whether you will 'get away' with using the voucher codes; and (b) whether they will actually delivery your items without cancelling your order.

I've ordered once from them and they screwed me over too. I'll never shop on again.
I too have been caught using this code, I have placed about 12 orders since Xmas with debenhams and have always been okay, but have just checked my bank statement and on the last 3 orders they have charged me £4.50 postage. I phoned yesterday but was just passed from dept. to dept. and in the end hung up. I have since emailed them but no response as yet. Did anyone manage to get their delivery costs reimbursed or havent I got a leg to stand on? (I am not a gold card member btw!)
I once got charged for delivery and had my costs reimbursed by a nice lady in their CS when i phoned. Another time it happened and I wasn't so lucky, it just depends who deals with your order I think.
I have used the SHA1 code loads of times and not been charged, however they are annoying me at the moment as every thing I order I don't seem to receive. I ordered some items a few weeks ago and received an email to say they had been despatched, i then called them as they didn't arrive and the customer services said they had left, a further week later i called again and they say they were never dispatched and are out of stock now. They don't seem to know what is happening there!!
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