Debit Card Charges Online (buying in US dollars?)

Found 8th Jul 2012
I'm a bit confused after searching online, I understand there is some charge, but I'm trying to figure out if it works out cheaper for me to buy something from a UK site that allows you to pay in $ or euros too.

Basically the item is £33.95, or $43.57, using XE the dollars works out nearly £5 cheaper.

But I can only pay using a debit card (Barclays) and I am lost on how much the charge/conversion would total to, anybody understand it all and know? I've tried googling, but I'm not 100% sure!

So would it be cheaper to pay in $?
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Is there anyway of knowing the conversion rate that will be used before paying, as I am at the payment screen, but there's nothing there. If XE converts it to £28.11, would it be much further off that? Then does the 2.75% go on top of that?
i think halifax do a visa call clarity were they dont charge also think the post office has one too
I got a MasterCard cash passport that I got from sainsburys , top it up with USD and pay for things in USD with no charges
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