Debit Card Fraud

I had fraud on my bank account in November which still hasn't been sorted, basically £600 in total was taken from my account £200 has been refunded but £400 is still "under investigation", they gave the 400 back and then took it away again as they claim the wrong department refunded it, the thing is the 400 is my overdraft and was wondering if anyone knew if this would affect my credit rating? How long do these things usually take to sort?

Thanks in advance


Credit rating is really irrelevant unless you have CCJs me, you dont want to be worrying about things like that. and no, it doesnt affect your credit rating.

Also be sure to write to the Ombudsman and the FSA..and make a complaint to them. Have them investigate it on your behalf as the bank seems to be incompetent in dealing with it by refunding you then taking it back.

Have you made an complaint to your bank?

This would need to be done before the ombudsman etc as they insist on you having to exhaust your bank's complaints procedure first.

In all honesty, your bank should have sorted this by now but it's one of those things that you need to give them a push to do.

Yes , I'm curious too ............who do you bank with .
Someone I work with had £4000.00 transfered out of her account to someone in Spain .Abbey was the bank ,part of the Santander group .Took ages to sort out , they froze her account ,stoped her cards until it was sorted .
Eventually got her money back but never an opology .She reconned it was someone within the Bank on the Spanish side transfering money .Thieving gits....I say .

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Abbey, called them today put on hold 4 times THEN put on hold and transferred to Mazda (yes as in the car manufacturer and no thats not where the fraud happened.

Tried complaints line who just transferred me back to fraud, so I'm going to make an appointment with my bank manager tomorrow.

i work in a bank and an overdraft can only affect your credit rating if you are using it all the time, if this facility has been removed simply ask your bank to reapply one to your account. also the money should have been back, the max timescale that i know of it to be is 3 months tops. after that there isnt much chance of getting anything else back. hope that has helped!
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