Found 3rd Jul 2009
Im currently with natwest for my current accoutn and debit card but I travel alot... In 2 weeks I went to 11 different countries and had so much **** with natwest cos they kept cuttin my card off for suspicious use(even after I prewarned them I was going away!) This happened pretty much everyday so I had to keep ringing up and getting it unblocked at great cost to my poor phone bill! This was about 3 weeks ago now and EVERY time I use my card they cut me off or the transaction wont go through! I keep constantly ringing them up but its gone way too far now and I wanna change banks. Only thing is I know f-all about banks and Ive been with natwest my whole life! Is there any bank which does a debit card which gives good rates when I use my card abroad or some kind of travellers card that wont be cut off every few hours! Sorry If I sound completely clueless.. but I am!!

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Not sure if any others are any better.

I bank with the Halifax and always have a problem withdrawing funds when travelling too.

Post Office credit card and no fees/charges when you use it abroad plus the're giving 12 months intrest free at the moment.

I'm with Abbey & RBS, no problems here.

I would go and look on MSE tbh :thumbsup:


wut? Have you seen that site? Gives me a headache just loggin on:w00t: Oh … wut? Have you seen that site? Gives me a headache just loggin on:w00t: Oh and don't get me started on the pics of Martin. What a ............

haha, I know its not as neat as here but he does know what he's on about. Its better than someone saying 'get a capital one card, you can choose yr design, they're really pretty' :-D:-D
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