Debranding a Nokia 6500

Found 20th Sep 2008
I am wanting to debrand a Nokia 6500 Slide phone i recently bought from here. Anyone know how or where i can find out how to?

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First off you need to find a vanilla* uk product code for the Phone.

*vanilla = original nokia product code for a phone sold sim free.

Once you have this you need to use NSS (nemesis service suite) to change the product code on your phone, and then use the Nokia Update service, this will load the latest version of the 6500 firmware to your phone without any operator branding.

I used a guide ]here (this is for changing a standard N70 to the music edition but the principla is the same).

I'll have a look see if I can find a guide and code for the 6500.
Brill ty soooooo much your a star, if you could find it i would be sooo grateful
0549726 is a vanilla product code for the 6500, I couldnt find a guide to changing the product code that is as simple to follow as the N70 above, but its the same process.

Make sure you have a fully charged battery though and that you do it where the phone wont be disturbed or the data cable knocked whilst doing it, its as simple as that.
(all software links are provided in the link in the previous post I made)
Brill tyvm for your help, just charging battery now!
Have fun, its well worth doing if you have a higher end nokia as it speeds up the software due to it not being clogged up with operator specific softwares, Vodafone are the worst for this followed closely by Orange!
Yeah its locked on Orange, wanted it unlocked but was told £40 for it to be unlocked, so got a turbo sim for it and its done the job nicely.

Just need to debrand it now!

Yeah its locked on Orange, wanted it unlocked but was told £40 for it to … Yeah its locked on Orange, wanted it unlocked but was told £40 for it to be unlocked, so got a turbo sim for it and its done the job nicely.Just need to debrand it now!

£40 seems steep, who quoted you that?

I'm off to town in a bit so I will ask my man on the market about that, Im sure its a BB5 that he can do for £12 (joe public) £8 (me, because I send a fair bit of business his way)
Yeah it was in Lincoln, tried every place that did unlocking cheapest i must admit was £35 but top end was £40 and they had to send it away to do it.
Im pretty sure its a BB5 as well.
grrr it doesnt seem to of worked, although i put in product code and then followed everything to a T it has the orange world on it still, any ideas?
dont know if you still need it but I just debranded mine from three using the following product code: 0550670
(found this thread searching google) So it may help someone else who gets here
product codes for most nokias and guide to debranding ]here
Hi, I tried debranding my phone with the steps in the link:…147

I entered code 0547774 in the software and the phone restarted.

I then ran nokia software updator and it recognised the code and tried to update the phone to the latest software.

The update procress took around 15 mins....when there was 1 second left, I got the message 'lost connection to the phone...' and it asked me to disconnect battery and reconnect phone.

I reconnected phone and it went throught the same 15 min process and gave me the error with 1 sec left. I re-tried the same process for the 3rd time with no joy.

At the end of the 3rd attempt I clicked cancel instead of the phone does not switch on any more. I tried reconnecting phone but software no longer sees the phone.

Can anyone help :w00t:
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