debranding nokia n95 / sony ericsson k800i - tmobile - where or how easy is it?

    right i have a nokia n95 which has just been unlocked by local shop for my partner to use his simplycity sim card in it form 02. so hes just wonding how easy is it to get rid of the tmobile crap thats on the phone and have it debranded.

    i secondly have a k800i from sony erricson and was looking to get it unlocked and was thinking about debranding it as well and how easy is it to debrand this phone.

    where will do it online and how much
    are they reliable
    can you do it your self?
    is there any software needed or cables required


    depends what it is that need debranded. if its just start up and shutdown images of TMobile then you would be able to change or delete them or anything else tmobile related. What is it exactly your looking to get rid off thats T-Mobile about the phone? Cheers.

    As for unlocking you're better off taking it to a shop and paying the £5 or whatever it is now it cant be that much (was £5 last time I went it). Doing it yourself would cost a lot more for software, cables and adaptors so its not really worth it. I've just bought one of those Turbo Unlock sims from fleabay that apparantly works on any phone you use it on so in the long run i never have pay to unlock my phone again. They only cost about £6 and you can use them with any sim and any phone, and you dont have to do anything to the phone.

    I wouldnt try and unlock my phone using keypad codes as these can often damage your phone and render it useless.

    Most of these Mobile Shops in the high streets or market places use NSPro but its pretty expensive to buy the software, cables and adaptor just to unlock a couple of phones.

    hope this helps. Cheers.

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    its tmobile screens the tones the for tmobile the internet links ect

    The N95 is really simple to debrand.

    Just requires you to change the product code of the phone to a generic one instead of the operator specific code.

    After that you can just update the phone with the Nokia updater and all branding will be gone.

    Check this guide out, it worked for me when removing all the vodafone junk from my phone.…tml
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