debt consolidation companies/Voluntary IVAS?

Found 2nd Mar 2009
Could someone please explain how the companies that you see advertised that consolidate your debts/ voluntary IVA (?) work? Are all these companies legitimate? How do the firms make money from this? Can anyone recommed one of these companies for a friend? I think they have been suggested a firm called payplan? Thanks

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Payplan is a Government non profit organisation, go with them !

Had a family member went with Payplan - they weren't the best and very difficult to contact - they were recommended by the government. Their debt was mostly with Halifax and they were the worst to deal with - and guess who supports Payplan? Halifax!
Try…php for local help.

i believe that the company take so much money they take out their fee and then distribute the rest of the money to your creditors - get your friend to go see a debt advisor at the c.a.b. they should be able to give your friend some good help and advice have been excellent for us.

Try looking on [url][/url] for information on IVA's.

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