Decent 22" TV/Monitor?

    Hey guys,

    I'm after a 22" LCD screen to use as a TV (almost soley for SD signal in this respect, so something that's good for SD signal is a must) but if possible I'd also like to be able to plug it into my computer to use as a second monitor for watching divx etc movies on for when I'm feeling too lazy to use XBMC :-) VGA is a must in this respect since the DVI port on my card is already used by my other monitor.

    Any additional connectors would be great too, I doubt I'll use them in here, but a HDMI socket for a 360/PS3 and a Component/Scart for a Nintendo Wii would be awesome, but by no means essential.

    Basically, a 22" TV with good analogue input/SD signal and a VGA input for my PC.


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    Seems to be the swiss army knife at the moment.

    As a 22" LCD screen there are better samsung monitors


    this seems to be the best around for price, quality, and tv (only analogue which has upset a fair few things BUT I plan on getting a PVR box anyway so no loss!)


    I would agree with Ad arm and say that the LG 22LS4R would be perfect for you since it has all of the connections you need:

    HDMI (HDCP enabled)
    Audio in/out so you can plug in some of your own speakers to get better sound quality
    Also has an analogue aerial which wont be much use in a few years but better than a kick in the teeth.

    For £250 inc delivery it definatly is the bargain of the century.

    The only other monitor/tv i could recommend is the M228WA by LG as it is £240 but has an DVI instead of HDMI port, it hasnt been released yet but is due for release in august time.

    By which time I hope the 22lS4R will have dropped in price.

    After this for uni

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    Yeah that one looks great, I think I'll go with the LG one, shame it doesn't have DVI (thinking for in 6 months when I get a new PC with a dual DVI graphics card) but other than that it's perfect.

    Ad arm do you really think the price will of dropped?! Seems pretty good alread to me!

    Too many people are complaining about it not being digital.

    To me it doesnt matter, since I love having a PVR box. I think that the older model for 200 without HDMI will be replaced by this and a digital box will be sold with this.

    I read rumours on another board that LG are considering releasing one with a digital tuner in because of all the feedback.

    PLUS usually often have a few discount vouchers lying around

    It's a great price I'm tempted but not for 250 really, If I pay 250 I get tempted to pay 270 on a crappy 32".

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    Ahh I see, hmm, I'd rather have it now for £250 than wait a few months and get it for a lower price, but if there's a possibility of DVI that's an entirely different matter...

    How do DVI -> VGA adapters work out? I'm almost certain the next graphics card I get will only have two DVI outputs

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    Bump, is there a DVI equivelent TV?

    You could always just get a DVI to HDMI converter which you can pick up for pocket change.

    Just took the plunge at this price seems to offer everything even HD Ready great price thanks for the tip

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    I don't know whether to hate this TV or love it, the SD signals are absolutely dire, but the DVI signal is so good it absolutely puts my monitor to shame, running them alongside each other is cringeworthy ;_;

    Go 4 the LG - its got loads of good reviews.

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    Yeah, that's the one I went with

    Update - Now down to £240.
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