Decent £400 laptop?

    I'm on the lookout for a fairly decent laptop around the £400 mark. 2gig of ram, 160gb hdd, wireless built in....

    I was looking at some Dell laptops as i heard that they were a good build but not really sure.

    Any suggestions?



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    Any help?

    What sort of wireless do you want? Bluetooth? Wifi? Both?

    Have a look ]here maybe. I would definitely avoid acer aspires as they're dreadful quality, but I don't have any experience of other laptops.

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    Been quoted £450 from Dell for the following spec:

    Any good?

    You can get the same specs on a ]Fujitusu Laptop for £50 cheaper. The battery isn't as good (54mA vs. 44mA) but with a big powerful laptop like that I guess neither is going to last much beyond a couple of hours.
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