Decent 43-46” 4K tv?

Found 7th Nov 2017
I know 4K at 43” gets a lot of stick and the general consensus is that it’s not worth it.

However I’m due to upgrade an old tv and I’m limited by space (and grabby children) so I can’t really go much higher than 45/46.

Most people in tv deals slate the panels or whatever without offering suitable alternatives.

Can anyone recommend a decent tv around that size? Suitable for gaming with good colour/panel, viewing angles and whatever else constitutes a good tv these days..

Price isn’t much of a concern right now as long as it justifies what I am getting (ie a 4K stepping stone)

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I work for John Lewis but this is honestly completely unbiased! If you have a branch nearby check them out, I bought a 55" Sony Bravia for £549 1 month ago. Reduced from £1300. It was a clearance so this isn't a staff discount, we don't get any discount on clearance items, but we constantly have clearance stock, all of which still has the full 5 year warranty! In terms of your size requirement, there'll be high spec tv's for really good prices. Mine was reduced as the stand was missing.. I then kindly emailed Sony as the TV was under warranty, and they sent the stand free of charge..... most tv's are complete but do check first...
"Price isn’t much of a concern right now as long as it justifies what I am getting (ie a 4K stepping stone)"

Compared with a good quality TV from a few years ago the only real benefit they'll bring to normal TV use is HEVC and HDCP 2.2 support allowing you access to higher quality (bitrate) content. Although you generally have to pay extra for the few sources where it's available, right now the limitation there is the programming and not the TVs.

There are a couple of decent picture quality upgrades coming in the next five years like OLED and HDR, so it's definitely not the best time to upgrade if you still have a good quality functioning TV.
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