Decent and cheap 16GB RAM for Desktop

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Found 13th Dec 2014
I have an Extreme4 motherboard and I am looking to upgrade my RAM from 8GB to 16GB.

I am thinking of getting 16GB of new RAM and selling the old ones. I have not kept up with the hardware market for a while. Can anyone recommend me a brand and a retailer?



try cex mate the prices are brilliant

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I would prefer new to second hand RAM tbh.

Before anyone can recommend a suitable memory (probably only DDR3*), exactly which ASROCK Extreme 4 motherboard (chipset) do you own, and are there a specific type of memory requirement for your case (heat spreader size) or particular usage (overclocking, voltage etc). Don't forget an initial budget.

*doubtful DDR4 due to initial comment and age, and DDR2 wasn't really used in the extreme motherboards.

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I have the Z77 model, sorry should of stated that!

I have a standard ATX case and I do not game anymore so I dont need heat spreaders, etc. I wont be overclocking and the reason I am looking for more RAM is because I am using more RAM intensive software recently.

just checked and the average price of 16GB ram is about £100! has the prices gone up recently?

I brought 16gb kingston hyperx fury for around £123, I had them for around 2 months and there are no issues.


Unless you've utilised all 4 memory slots, couldn't you just purchase another pair of DDR3 memory with similar specifications? Anyhow it might be advisable to wait after Christmas as there is a premium on most computer components, so in January the prices should return to normal. Otherwise search for Kingston, G.Skill and sometimes Corsair value range for the cheapest memory. All have a lifetime replacement guarantee and have good customer care.
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