Decent android tablet/windows

Posted 5th Nov

I’m after a decent tablet which would be lag free, able to open many tabs without slowing down.

I wouldn’t mind a windows tablet either, but haven’t seen anything cheap.

My budget is approx £150 give or take...
Ideally I want to spend less to save ££, as there is a chance the little one may destroy it.

I do like the surface pros, but cost way too much.

What do you guys recommend?
Thank you
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Windows is not a good OS if you want just a tablet, as all apps run in desktop mode, and Windows needs more than the 2GB/3GB RAM typically on tablets of this cost to run smoothly. Surface Pro is very good, but would say it's an all in one as opposed to a PC. I would recommend a Fire tablet, sideloading Play Store takes 10 minutes and the tablet is the best value budget one. Wait for Black Friday as well, not long to go!

In the future, feel free to post tech stuff in here if you want
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Huawei M5 is pretty good
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019

got an older version and it's still going strong. think the 2019 version is around £200 but shopping around and taking advantage of discounts / black friday i reckon you'll get it for £150.
I'd vote for the fire 10. Should be £99 on BF.
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