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Decent Areas to Live in at Telford

Posted 18th Jan 2012
I have got a job offer in Telford, Near Birmingham. so would like to move into this area. As i dont anything about that area, Can anyone suggest good secure place please ?

Job is closer to telford Central station.

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For a start, Telford isn't near Birmingham.
Shifnal is a nice little town and just 1 junction down the m54 from telford

For a start, Telford isn't near Birmingham.

er... I would consider it near..
If you consider 30 miles away near?
Yeah shifnals ok!
Telford to Birmingham by car in rush hour will take at least an hour in cleat traffic. Double that when the M6 jams.
From a website.....

Places to live or not - Avoid KETLEY BANK like the plague. If the houses are cheap there there is a reason!!!!

Oakengates is borderline, I would look at Priorslee, there is a lovely estate there, very posh looking lol.

Donnington wood is another dodgy area but there are some nice parts to it. Trench has some nice area and some bad.

There are some big estates, brookside, woodside, stirchley, hollinswood. They all used to be quite rough athough I did live in Brookside for a year and never had any problems. Houses are quite squashed together there and the estates are a bit like rabbit warrens.

Madely is quite nice, Ironbridge is lovely, coalbrookdale is nice, Wellington has nice bits and bad bits, hadley used to be quite rough but there are some nice areas between hadley and wellington. Ketley is in a different place to Ketley Bank and is not too bad.

Lilleshall is fantastic although no pub, its a lovely quite village near Newport. Newport is nice, some good estates there and alovely town centre with lots of shops.

St Georges is ok, there is a nice estate at the bottom of Gower Street called Bullrush Way I think.

Dawley and Lawley are ok, but pick the area cafeully. There usd to be a couple of rough looking estates there but I am talking 10 years ago.

There is an Alan Howard salon supplies in Dawley or madely cant remember which.

If you wanted to look at surrounding areas, depending on where your husbands is working, Sherrifhales is nice, also Weston Under Lizard (nr Weston Park), Shifnal, Admaston, Wrockwardine, Uppington, Crudgington (where clover is made), are all close to telford.

There are 2 golf clubs, Lilleshall and the Shropshire, both nice. Also there is the National Sports Centre near Lilleshall. Swimming/Leaisure Centres in Wellington and Wrockwardine Wood (different place to Wrockwardine)

If I had the money and the choice I would pick Coalbrookdale or Ironbridge beacuse of the history of the places, the outstanding country side and lovely pubs!!! Not sure what schools there are near there though.

Take a look at this site, it may tell you more information. If there is anything else you want to know, dont hesitate to ask me.

Telford Tourist Information and Accommodation - Shropshire Tourism

Rachel xx
The bad news about Telford....


A more intelligent view, especially about the crime rate....


Wiki on Telford, including the interesting fact that T'Pau are from Telford......


I wouldn't live in Telford, the town centre is completely soul less, just concrete and glass buildings and one large shopping centre. Shrewsbury is far nicer and has lots of character, small independant shops, little windy streets, black and white buildings etc
I can't believe how much of a bad review people give Telford. It's got so much going for its quite unreal.. Starting off with the town centre which has had a £250 million revamp, and they've already built new bars, restaurants, hotels, iMax cinema, a fantastic library aswell as the rest of the indoor shopping centre has been improved so much. I'd much rather go shopping in Telford than Shrewsburys little town square. Aswell as iron ridge as coalbrookdale, Telford has seen the rise of new areas such as lawley and lightmoor village, which are lovely looking areas making Telford look more like a European town in some areas. I've lived in Telford for 20 years and I've never seen any form of (gang wars), just kids growing up in estates, boys will be boys.. Everyone grows up. The areas which let Telford down are Brookside, Woodside, SuttonHill and Dawley. While the other large estates like Stirchley, Madeley and Randlay aren't bad areas at all, and this is just south Telford. Admittedly Wellington is abit of a retarted part of town, with alot of scummy people attending the job centre or outside the Station pub. But other than side of life Telford is quite a good place to live, for example.. 3 overly large industrial estates, creating many factory jobs. The MOD donnington is probably the biggest building in miles. The town has 3 train stations, Wellington, Okengates and Telford Central, it has a good bus service with busses that come every 10 minutes, a new town centre which isint even half finished being completed and it already looks great! 3 multi story car parks, an ice rink and bowling alley, many lesiure centres and swimming pools. The schools in Telford are also a big aspect to the town, Madeley Academy, Aberaham Darby Academy, Hadley learning community and the Phoenix academy have all recently been built into beautiful designs and very high quality. Aswell as Lakeside, brj school and the Sutherland are all undergoing reconctruction as I write this. Not forgetting Telford main school, Thomas Telford which has a 100% passrate of C or above. Telford is a large town and in the next 15 years will most definetly become the first city in Shropshire. Considering its size, and urban uprising, the town has still got a very nice rural side to it, such as the Wrekin, ironbridge and the river severn. I personally think Telford is the place to be at the moment, with all that's being built and finished I fear it will be leaving towns like Shrewsbury and Bridgenorth to appear empty and desolate, could even see it matching towns like Wolverhampton in the very near future.
A lots changed in two years and seven months then.
Telford 2011


Telford 2014


Amazing difference.


Or up the Wrekin in a tent.
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Help I want to move to Telford but don't no a single good area for me an my 3 children but really want a more peaceful area so I'm really stuck any help I wud so appreciate:) thank your x
Hi i'm moving to work in the telford and shrewsbury area and wanted to ask what Apley was like, specifically near the hospital? Thanks

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