Decent bbc radio app for iphone?

    Can anybody recommend a decent app for the iphone that will allow me to listen to BBC radio, especially when abroad.

    Features such as an alarm and sleep mode would be good as well.

    The only one I've come across so far is ootunes, but its got mixed reviews


    tunein radio. best app i ever bought!

    can listen to any station anywhere (that has online) as well as podcasts & you can record everything! as well as setting timers/alarms

    See above

    oh & it allows you to browse the web while listening! great if you have 3G or lower. 3GS & above have background playing. its 59p or free on android (just got an xperia play to replace my iphone 3G)

    See above again!

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    ok. cool. Thanks

    I'll be using on a wifi wireless network so shouldn't be any issues

    Its not one of those apps where you have to copy and paste urls to stream is it? I want something thats relatively easy to use

    ditto above app.

    No pasting. All categorised / favourites.

    it can use 3G or wifi & no, no urls! you can search for station, dj, program title or even song playing at that time!

    i had a dab/wifi/fm radio & used it all the time but it died & to get another wifi radio it was going to be about £100 minimum! so searched for apps & got this for £1.19 & reciva radio (which is ooohhhh kkkk). absolutely loved tunein radio so bought a cheap ipod touch & put it in my dock. so for a cost of about £50 i'd replaced my knackered radio & out done it as this can do sooo much more!

    Erm, see above

    Agree with quidditys_shore! I use the app everyday!
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    tunein radio is the daddy


    Tunein Radio or Clock Radio

    +1 Tunein Radio
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