Decent Brand Digital Photo Frame

Found 13th Nov 2008
I'm after a decent branded 7" digital photo frame like sony, phillips, kodak etc for my Dad - quite a fussy man!
Looking to spend up to £50.
Can anyone recommend one/best deal around - help appreciated.
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me too, unfortunately I have found that high def is the type to go for (800 x 480) for a 7" is best you'll get and the cheapest i canfind is £70 here

The Sony version is £100
This 7 inch Kodak one costs £44.99 at argos


This frame has £35 off leaving it £44.99 at argos.
There's a Philips one on Marshall Ward et al. ]Click here! It's £49 down from £79 but if you find something around the £11 mark that you want/ need to take it over £60 you can use code ZG430 (New customers only but if you already have an account just sign up with a different email address.) This makes it even cheaper- which I'm sure you'll agree is always a bonus! Delivery's £3.95 but I think that's livable. We've ordered 2 this way for presents, and they look pretty damn good in person too! Hope this is of some use.
Just to give you another option


I got mine for £28.50 and OK, its not a main brand, but for the price I am very impressed.

Who wants a named brand plastered and lit up all over the frame (eg sony) when ur looking at photos....

OK resolution not as good, but the viewing distance for most frames will be a few metres where u cant see the difference anyway...

I ordered 3 for christmas pressies this year....
Looked at all your links above....Sorry none of them are HIGh RES (480 x720). Still can't find cheaper than my first post

If anyone see a cheaper high res one let me know
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