Decent Broadband Provider??

    Unfortunately due to living in the New Forest I appear to be limited to 2.0mbps on my line. This has also ruled out getting Sky broadband or O2 broadband, which were my first two choices (as work pay for it). Therefore given my slow achievable speeds can anyone recommend a decent porvider? I have to change as I am on BT Business paid for by my work and I have had enough of their poor service and have cancelled it. Thanks


    I have the same problem, i'm with PIPEX (Now tiscali) Grrrr!!!...Its so poor I wish to change but have very limited options.

    Sorry I can't be of any help but understand your problem!

    The only one I have consider is O2 Access... basically a service hosted by O2...


    virgin's fine for me, although it goes down about once every 2 months for half a day or so

    Zen are very good if you don't need particulaly high download limits (they did packages with 20GB and 30GB limits last time I checked)

    Original Poster

    Thanks people. I think that O2 access doesnt use their higher speed network, which is a shame. I will check out Zen, doesnt Virgin run on their cable network though? No chance of that out here in the sticks!
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