Decent budget tower speaker?

Posted 10th Aug
Looking for a tower speaker, around 1m tall for a home bar.

Any recommendations? Don't want to spend a fortune, but also don't want to waste money on something stupidly cheap if it's naff.
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Just a single speaker? What do you want to use as a source? At the same price point, bookshelf speakers will sound better than towers.
Yep just the one, wanted it to be free standing in the corner of the bar and bluetooth was the input. Don't have any 'bookshelf' space for once, hence wanting a floor standing/tower.
You can always put speakers on a stand, they don't have to sit on a bookshelf. Or even wall mount. Sounds like you want one of those party speakers though. Panasonic and JVC do them, and I don't think they're too expensive.
Not necessarily, i just don't want to pay hundreds for it, but also don't want it falling apart after a week. Been looking at soundbars too.
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