Decent but cheap areas of London to live?

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Found 3rd Sep 2009
I'm looking at moving to London next month but know very little about the place. I want to live fairly central in an area that isn't overrun with crime. I'm not looking at paying more than £500pm for a 1 bedroom apartment to share with my gf. No idea where we will be working yet so that's why it has to be fairly central with good transport links.
Any ideas?

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that isn't overrun with crime - dont come to london then - lol ...... seriously though you need to know where you are going to work first - once you have that info you can then ask for the better areas around the area you will be working - london is a big old place
also take a look on

Set yourself a very unrealstic goal :roll:

you'd be lucky if you get a room for single person for about £80 for a room, not too big but just enough. a monthly travel card is nearly £100 zones 1-2 (you said central?) so go figure. why dont you rent some hostels in the meantime till you find that studio apartment lol, or find some rich relatives where you dont need to pay rent.


I don't know about London but up here you would pay roughly £500/600 monthy for a decent 1 or 2 bed flat/apartment, so I would be surprised if you can get the same down there.

just wondering where you are moving from?

ok wages are better in london but - its all relative - mainly accommodation - entertainment

as for transport - dont think london can be beaten - buses - underground - BR - get anywhere quickly

dick whittington was lying when he said streets were paved with gold

theyre paved with beggars - junkies .............................mind you - you can buy big issue on every corner

[COLOR="Red"]LOL @ the contradiction in the title.[/COLOR]

When you first arrive in London and looking for somewhere The … When you first arrive in London and looking for somewhere The choice of accommodation in London alone is immense. From squats to Penthouses overlooking the River Thames, the choice is yours! Below is a list of options to help you decide what is right for you. Starting with the cheapest we have DOSSING. Charges can range from free (if you are lucky and have understanding friends) to about £5 - £10 a night. Dossing is not only the cheapest option but also the most flexible. You can find your feet, maybe get a job and then look for something more permanent (and comfortable!). Be careful not to out stay your welcome though! The next option is of course to RENT somewhere. The cheapest option here is to share a room in a shared house. Typically you would look at paying £50 a week each for a shared room. To have your own single room you would be looking more towards £70.00 per week and for your own double it would be more like £100. These figures are very rough and can go up and down dramatically depending on location, condition and the state of the current rental market. These prices would be in a typical Zone 2/3/4 area of London. You would expect to pay more in Zone 1 and less outside of Zone 5 and beyond. Bedsits and studios would be the next option if you are looking for self-containment. Be careful though, unless it is specified 'self-contained' then chances are you will be sharing communal facilities like the kitchen and bathroom. You'll pretty much be in the same position as someone renting in a shared house, but paying a bit more. Self contained bedsits and studios (normally one room with a small kitchen area and a separate bath/shower room) start from £100 a week in London again depending on where you wish to live. One bedroom flats where you would expect a operate lounge and bedroom is the more expensive option but can work out as good value if you are sharing with another person. Typically one bedroom flats start from £150.00 a week at the cheaper end. In most renting cases you would be expected to pay one month in advance and one month's deposit. This can be an expensive introduction to living in the UK especially if you have not started to work and your local currency is weak against the pound. Of course soon as you land that first job you'll be fine!

a little like asking for a beach in austria


mind you - you can buy big issue on every corner

not in my neck of the woods LOL

You might find it is cheaper to live outside central London, but i paid £595pcm in the subs of Coventry...I am now in SE London and rental for a one bed apartment in at least an ok condition andlocation to the train/bus stops/DLR your talking £500pcm, but central london your probably be looking around 20% increase on that price.


not in my corner - residents here beat you up LOL

sometimes there are codes in mag for see film first - i put my hand up - do buy it - might be helping someone - good articles :thumbsup:

i meant nobody here where i live will buy or sell the big issue, and it's better/faster selling in the west end with more human traffic.

Why not ask for a free Ferrari with this property and servants too? As thats equally unrealistic. It sounds like you have not even visited London for a day from guessing. For the prices your asking a bedsit might be available and as for no crime, its a city! Lots of people living in close proximity. That means some of these people will not be very nice just by the laws of probability.

Checkout out Surrounding towns, ie im from slough, train into central london is £7.50 and takes 25 mins.

Me and my family rent out several houses in North London and I rent out the rooms in my own house.

London being overrun by crime must be a nice crux for everyone to assume despite it being completely inaccurate

I am going to assume £500pcm is your budget, for a half decent area that is 45mins max commute from central london but within the Greater London area/within the M25 should get you a normal double bedroom including bills in a HOUSE SHARE as a couple, expect to add £70-130pcm on top for travelling depending on the zone you choose, you can go closer to central for that money reducing your commute, but you will have to compromise on your budget and/or on distance to tube/overground and/or decent area and/or how big/nice the house and room is.

Go down to London, stay with someone you know preferably, several weekends, see as many rooms as humanly possible, ensure you talk to fellow tenants before taking a room to ensure you know and understand how they and the house is run internally. Test out commute routes before choosing a room. Make sure it is all above board and not a dodgy sublet, (Land Registry etc) MSE has a great renting guide thread you must read. Never hand over cash, always bank xfer/cheques so it is trackable.


For a Flat without bills is possible on £500pcm, but would be in a complete %$^hole, for somewhere actually livable, not so nice an area your own flat you are looking at £650pcm minimum, if not £750pcm+, and that is WITHOUT bills, remember housing in London is pricey so Council Tax is too not to mention utilities which will add £150pcm on top of any rent minimum and then come your commute costs etc, so you are looking at £1k/month basically to have a flat in London which isn't scummy, IMO.

You chose to live in one of those most expensive cities on the planet... this is what it costs...
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