Decent but cheap cordless phone needed

    Hi, im looking to buy a pair of cordless phones, but dont want to spend much on them, £25 - £30 maybe. Not sure what i'll get for that but hopefully someone on here can help me out.



    Makro have a trio at the mo for £30 + VAT if you can get there. Good Luck

    I bought this twin pack from Tesco maybe six months ago. Theyre very good quality, sturdy phones with all the features you could need. The volume can be set very loud for the ringer, if you are some distance or a few rooms away.

    When doing a google, I found them at this price which is half what I paid, and I got mine on offer! These are ex display phones, but great prices, Id buy them! lol.

    £14.99, BT Graphite 1100…le=

    Here it is the 1500 model with answering machine for £16.99.…le=

    Triple set of the 1500, with answering machine, £24.99.…le=

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    Thanks for the replies people, just gonna check the links. :thumbsup:
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