Decent But cheap Laptop wanted £200 max

    Hi im after as stated above, Also for it to have a wireless connection built in for sky bb,

    All purpose machine for surfing, office work, and general stuff like playing of music and watching movies nothing to hi tech, Ram to be pretty reasonable and also enoughy space to store stuff on,

    Hope im not asking for to much on such a short budget.


    It's very hard to get a laptop under £200 let alone what you need it for i'm afraid.

    Original Poster

    might be able to push it to £250

    add another £100 or its ebay.


    add another £100 or its ebay.

    Yup. Check out the other post in this section about laptops under £300.

    Just depends what you want it for at the end of the day, under £200 is a second hand jobby.

    Not sure if your interested in reconditioned ones but a friend bought from here and was really pleased


    Hope this helps:)

    Original Poster

    yeah seen that website thanks, as i said could probably push it to £250
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