Decent Candles Without Paying The Earth?


    Can anyone help with suggestions for not too expensive candles that are reasonable quality? Slow burning candles would be preferred.

    Cheers and thanks


    candles or handles?

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    Ughhhh. Candles. Sorry :-(

    do you want slow burning or not fussed? if so, I recommend ikea :-)

    I like the candles from debenhams home section...seem to last long enough so decent quality and look pretty good too...also pretty cheap…les

    I bought the glass filled ones a while ago...and now use the glasses as shot glasses very cute!

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    Prefer slow burning ones if possible. Are the Ikea ones slow burners?

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    Thanks for the Debenhams suggestion lil t :-)


    Thanks for the Debenhams suggestion lil t :-)

    your welcome...not the first place people would look ;-)

    I also have the 'mini tapers candles' with the glass holders, very cheap and look really cool but last about 2 minutes from lighting to burning out lol

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    Prolly looking for something that lasts a lil longer than 2 minutes!!

    If you're on a budget, then definately Ikea.

    I'd suggest Ikea too, they have loads there.

    ikea aren't slow burning but they do the job :-)

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    ikea aren't slow burning but they do the job :-)

    Hmmm. Maybe I should rephrase then! Does anyone know of anywhere that sells slow burning, relatively cheap candles ? :-)

    I think Yankee Candles are great and seem to burn forever! However, they are quite expensive but if you don't mind end of lines there are some good deals on…rt/

    wilko do

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    Many thanks for all your suggestion. If there are any more, feel free......

    as said Ikea, but put them in the fridge for a few days before lighting them and they last longer
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