Decent, cheap paint?

    Hi, I am due a week off from work and I have been told it is time to decorate....
    Anyone know of any good paint offers at the moment?
    Or anyone know of a cheaper make that is actually good?
    I have used the own brands in the past and even though cheaper you normally have to do a few coats which defeats the cheapness and also make more work....
    I have seen Wickes advertising recently saying professionals prefer there own brand, anyone agree?
    Any help would be great thanks!


    The Decorflair own brand paint used to be made by Crown, at least that's what one of their salesfolk told me.

    i found B&Q own make good and they have offers 2 for so much on dulux or crown etc if you look?

    last time i was in b&q they had 2 x 2 & a half litre dulux for £20 worked out about £2 cheaper than b&q equivalent.they also had crown on offer too

    forget cheap paint and buy 1 coat saves alot of hassle


    forget cheap paint and buy 1 coat saves alot of hassle

    i can never do 1 coat lol

    I've used all makes of paint over the years I've been decorating , but have used the Wickes emulsion for nearly 20 years .Prices were cheap back then , but I've noticed recently as with other companys prices starting to get higher . The quality of the emulsion has always been good with no problems at all .Having said that ,it was the Trade range I've always used especially the white silk and white matt.
    In Wickes recently I noticed a rather poor range of Trade colours , plenty of white but very little colour .
    Heres the prices :



    I would recommend using the Wickes paint and go there for a colour chart . Prices are still cheaper than Crown or Dulux and the coverage is about the same .

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone, excellent advice! Looking forward to my time off now....

    b&q own brand paint is quite good, but the homebase own brand stuff is terrible. try checking first if they have offers on as usually they do 3 for 2 or 2 for a tenner at B&Q on dulux or crown. never buy 1 coat as it is crap and you always end up doing 2 coats or more. my brother just painted his whole house for free with one coat though as he bough homebase 1 coat and it says on tin if you arent happy return it for a refund so he painted the whole house then returned them as he had to do at least 2 coats in every room and they refunded him for 8 empty tins . they dont even query it as they seem to know the stuff doesnt work and he was warned by everyone else in the family that it would coat in 1 coat but thought he knew better (first house LOL).

    i,m a painter and decorator and whilst i normally use dulux trade in most cases the best cheaper alternative ive used when a customer supplied was the Wickes trade paint ..really good coverage even on new plaster
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