Decent cheapish gas BBQ

Posted 20th May
Hi, I'm now looking to purchase a decent but not mega money gas BBQ and have no idea what's half decent.
I currently have a Weber Mastertouch charcoal BBQ which is really good but I really cant be bothered with all faffing about getting the coals lit, keeping them lit and maintaining temp as I'm still a novice.
Gas comes across a lot more easier, instant controllable heat and if honest I bet it dont taste any different as we all just want that flame grilled taste which both offer.

Yeh some people say you might as well just put in oven but for speed and convenience gas is the answer

See something about Lava Rocks and Flame tammers

Anyone got any recommendations without breaking the bank
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All much of a muchness at the lower end. I got one from Asda about 4 years ago and it’s been great every summer. £150
Lava rock bbqs seem to be harder to find these days which is a shame (love mine).

Things to consider..... Personally I wouldn't by a has bbq that was half grill and the other half hot plate (ie a frying pan), don't be seduced by the number of burners (mines a twin burner that does a way better job than some 4 burners I've seen and used).

Get a used gas bottle from gumtree/ebay/try your dump as this will save you between £35-£50 on getting one from Calor/Flogas.

Side burner? Meh. I use mine to light the charcoal chimney for my kettle bbq
Not bothered over side burners and hot plates.
Gas isn’t a problem I work with tons of it
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