Decent Deals On 13 Inch Laptops

Found 24th Feb 2011
Hello all.

I've been looking for a decent 13 ins laptop deal for a while now without any success. There seem to be plenty of offers around on HDUK at the moment for netbooks and 15 ins+ laptops sub £300, but nothing for something in between that isn't woefully underpowered (e.g. atom or single core intel based)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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take a look @ Toshiba R630-13T. Its pretty good core i3 laptop, only 1.4kg weight and 8-9 hours battery in eco mode.only the keyboard could be better.
If you need core i5 look @ R630-141 but imho is no worth to pay extra 100-150 quid

hey gitsy0,

I just posted on a previous deal if you search 'samsung q330' on here thats 13.3" theres one on ebay I saw last night, might be worth a look? seems to be pretty popular people have been buying loads on the deal, heres the ebay item number 170608104108.

hope that helps, I am looking for a netbook/notebook myself with decent spec but not over £250.
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