Decent Digital Camera for ~£70?

    Hi all, im looking for a half decent digi camera for around £70.
    I'm not too bothered about looks or brands so long as its decent enough with a few features, at least 6mp preferably but the more the merrier!

    Cheers in advance



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    Sorry its got pretty bad reviews online, and that link says its 277 pounds but a quick google says 50

    clicky - did you see this thread?

    BTW the number of mp isn't a very important thing!!

    forget it - it needs batteries
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    Cheers, but yeah i saw the batteries thing and ran a mile, never had a good experience with them! Hopefully i'll find something decent on Amazon


    This is deal requests (new items from retailers) - please do not offer private trade items as it is a breach of forum rules (relevant posts deleted)

    mate if you just want a basic point and click camera id save youself the extra and just get this…w80

    a guy sold one on here for £15 but you'd get one off ebay for like 30 quid and itll do everything you want really my GF had on and swore by and isnt happy with her more expensive replacement when she lost it

    i wouldnt worry about megapixels 7 is easilly enough

    think about it it does a quality job, its rechargeable (not needing batteries) and isnt expensive if you lose it, there a bit more than i thought for buy it now on ebay but id make an offer on one if you cant find them elsewhere

    EDIT: reevoo is a great starting place for looking for any electronics, good basic price comparison too

    obviously theres this one aswell which is easy to get hold with and on offer but it wont really be any better than the w80…930
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