Decent digital Camera plz-max £130

Found 26th Aug 2006
Iv searched the forums but cant find a camera for me, i like the look of the big £149 camera from Dixons but i think its abit big to take away on hols.

Im after a decent quality camera with a case (and maybes a 1gb card, i know SD cards are VERY cheap so maybes an SD camera??)

id like a camera with 6mp or more, iv looked arround but cant find a decent smart looking camera.

Any help would be nice
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Check out the one in this thread:


It gets great reviews.
Thanks emma, dont suppose you have the direct link...i cant seem to find it its probs just me thou !!
Oh sugar. I can't see it on their site! Sorry big_anth, and I thought that one would have been perfect as well...
Otherwise, I was going to suggest this one: hotukdeals.com/for…php?t=20801&highlight=finepix: but it's an card... I use XD, they are not really that much dearer than the SD ones.
This looks like quite a good one from Jessops: The ][COLOR=blue]Nikon Coolpix L2[/COLOR]for £134.99 using the 10% off HUKD discount (Code=hotukdeals). It's SD.
:(:(:( i dont know wot 2 do :(:(:(

in stuck in 2minds, although nikon doesnt really look that nice its pretty cheap and a decent quality camera for holiday pics ! Also the case would only be an extra fiver and the add bonus of AA batteries (easy to get a hold ov!

Thanks for all your help emma !! (rep giving)

i also might hold on and see if any shops are doing offers for the bank holiday !
You're welcome. I think all the bank holiday offers are on now anth. I agree the last Nikon one doesn't look great, I'll have another quicl look online and see if I spot a nicer one.
This Casio looks nicer for the same price (Same spec roughly as well). Click pic for link. (£134.99)

this one looks much nicer !!

we have the same one (but in black) at work which we bought from asda and the quality of the pictures are amazing !! this would be ideal !!! thanks emma, go and see my dad now who promised me one hahaha !!!

thanks again, dont suppose you can help me, iv added the camera to basket, then added the leather bag (which is under the camera says special price is 4.99) but when i check my basket (wich hotukdeals as a voucher, thanks BTW) its showing as 13.49. any ideas ??
You can have either the 10% off the camera - (£15 off), or you can have the £10 off the bag, the site won't let you have both offers at once... I'd prefer the £15 off the camera, and get a bag elsewhere, but it would be up to you
Yes the Casio is a good buy..my daughter has one and it is so compact and produces excellent results and the video quality is excellent.
Well, I think I'll pop it in hot deals then, as it's also the cheapest price I can see for it on the web. I'd appreciate your feedback in the Hot Deals thread when I do so Thanks guys.
sounds good !! thanks for all help/feedback

dont suppose you can use your sources and source out the cheapest 1gb SD card and a compact case (thing is im goin away a week on monday) i tend to buy stuff like a case off ebay, which despatch from honk kong but i wont have time to wait this time !
And here's a case I spotted - not sure about the dimension though:


What you should do is this : buy one of the SD cards from 7dayshop - as you will be paying for postage anyway, I believe they have a selection of cases on there - add one to the basket and save on postage etc...

E.g. this one: [COLOR=blue]7dayshop[/COLOR]

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