decent 'dumbphone' instore suggestions

Hi all, a friend is after a decent mobile dumbphone/featurephone, bugdet is around £100. Features wanted are:

decent size screen
decent camera (i.e 3.2 MP or above)
relatively rugged
competent at browsing the web (3g and wi-fi)

Not really after a smartphone or a touchscreen phone, as he's a welder, and doesn't really want to fiddle around with them, so forget android or the like. Network doesn't matter, but would like it to be available in a highstreet store...
Anyone got any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!


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no one?

Can't recommend a specific model but I'd personally go for a Nokia or Sony Ericsson if he's after something simple which gets the job done. Had a quick look on and there's so, so many smartphones! Seems a simple candybar phone is a thing of the past... shame really.

nokia e63.

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nokia e63.

I was considering this, or maybe the c3...
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