Decent DVD-RW/CD-RWs?

    Hi guys, I'm after some re-writeable media (and also a DVD-RW drive if possible, whilst I'm at it, since one of mine has died) - they'll mostly be used for throwing DivX movies on for my mum after she keeps missing TV shows and wants them for her DVD player if that's any use.

    Preferably I'd prefer maybe a few DVD-RWs and a few CD-RWs, but I'm wondering if it could be worth going for a 5 pack or each, or similar. Maybe I only need a CD-RWs so loose ones would be fine.

    Don't care too much about the price, but I do want something decent, and I guess the cheaper the better as long as they're a good, reliable make.

    Many thanks!


    I find Imation silver are the longest lasting normally get from a seller on ebay heres the current listing no. 170190705839 not bought any in a while though so not sure how competetive the price is at the moment.

    you are better off going down to your local PC shop and picking up a 50 pack for around £10 or less or you can order, Aria is a good shop to use.
    NEC Optiarc AD-5200 20x Internal DVDRW Black Bare £15.26 inc. VAT
    and some Dvd disks: Aone DVD-R 16x fullface printable 50 pack cello wrap £6.40 inc. VAT

    If you dont want to collect or order no doubt one of your local shops will stock similar equipment.

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    Nice one, thanks guys. Can't check ebay at work (well I kinda can, but think it's monitored) so I'll check that link when I get home tonight. That NEC drive looks great too thank you, similar to the one I have at the moment (the one that actually works!) so think I'll get it.

    try [url][/url] ive had some brilliant deals from these guys
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