Decent good value garage in Wolverhampton?

Found 10th Jan 2011
Had my car (Suzuki Swift GLS) cut out on me last night in the last 6 miles of a 200 mile journey.

Was a clanking noise when on the accelerator for a while beforehand and earlier on in the journey the engine was overheating which prompted me to change the nearly empty engine coolant.

Anyway I got recovered to my destination, I just need a recommendation of somewhere in Wolves to get it looked at/fixed. Looking for good value in terms of good service, expertise and reasonable in price.
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I use the one on the A449 Stafford road just off the McDonalds roundabout towards the races down the hill on the right hand side. they have never ripped me off (i think) and they are always busy
I see, I've gone for Turners in Claregate as it's pretty closeby and part of Good Garages Scheme where it had quite a few good reviews.

I'm not wholly experienced with pricing in this area as I'm from Norfolk but is £50 an hour for labour ok?

There was a leak in my coolant system so I had been driving with no coolant for like 100 miles and because of there being none left the temperature gauge reading was reading incorrectly as being within the good threshold.

So the main cylinder gasket needs to be replaced which they say will take up to 3.5 hours BUT there is a chance that once they have replaced it that more problems may be discovered such as engine seizure - not sure whether to go for it or not.
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How much is the car worth, and milage, condition.. MOT and tax?
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I got the car in early September for £750 inclusive of 1 year of tax and MOT, I got it fully serviced and had the cam belt and alternator belts replaced shortly after purchase on recommendation of my local mechanic guy back in Norfolk.

It is in pretty good condition and had no issues until now.

I'm not sure how much the car is worth 4-5 months on but if ebay is anything to go by prices have gone up
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Considering getting a second hand engine instead of risking wasting the quoted £334 plus VAT for replacing the gasket that could turn out to be futile.

They're taking the cylinder head off to do a check to see if it can give them an idea of the extent of the damage at present but if it's inconclusive it seems risky to go ahead.

I guess it depends how much they would quote to swap the engine in comparison. I can get the engine itself for around 150-200 from one of the many breakers yards in the region.
Yes I went to a different garage but only because the recovery were only willing to take the car to a garage that day and I got the reply after I'd arranged it.

Thanks for your valuable input
Just to update, the cylinder head had been distorted beyond repair so it's either new engine 400-500 labour plus 150-200 engine plus riskiness of breakers yard or scrap and get new car
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