Decent Graphics Card for £40


    Im after a decent pci-e graphics card for my pc for around £40. I've been looking around and there are so many models that im a bit confused. My last one died on me a few months ago, it was a 8800gtx, just out of warranty, was gutted cos i paid loads for it when it came out.

    So i need a new one but with a much more modest budget, I want it for a bit of pc gaming mainly.

    Can anyone recommend one within my budget?


    You won't get something comparable with an 8800GTX for only £40, you're looking to spend £80-100 on an 8800GT/9800GT or 4850 to get something as fast as your 8800GTX.

    For cheaper the 4670 seems fairly popular right now.

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    Yup i understand that. But wondering what would be the best card i can get around the £40 mark?
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