Decent graphics card for dual 22's not gaming


    Posted a deal the other day about a quad core system thinking of getting [], after some good comments there i'm pretty much gonna build the rig myself.

    Looking for a graphics card that will run dual 22" monitors at 1680x1050, for office, programming, movies but not gaming (apart from a bit of quakeLive). Keen on it being energy efficient and quiet (doesn't have to be silent). The ones I've been looking at are over specd (eg ATI Radeon HD 4770 512MB ) hoping for one cheaper. Any recommendation?

    I'll probably get a mobo that supports PCI 2.0 (x16).


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    Actually found a sub ]£30 GPU comparison on hexus - [i hate it when that happens] - hopefully useful to someone else too

    If you don't need the processing power than anything with two DVI ports will do, I'd just pick up a Radeon HD 4350.
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