Found 25th Oct 2010
Hi Guys,

Want to get a decent pair of headphones (pref not in ear ones).

Anyone reccommend some good ones between £50-£75?

Just to use with my iPod touch.


4 Comments…tml - had these since March and they are brilliant. Battery lasts ages and they are comfortable to wear for ling periods. Comes with nice case and separate lead so I use a long one for my hifi and short one for my iphone

Original Poster

Nice one, cheers. Have some rep

Shure e2c


Best ear phones i've ever owned.

I had some Klipsch Image S4s, amazing, really good sound but they broke quite fast, that might have been my fault as I break headphones often.

Or get some Sennheiser CX300 IIs or CX400 for about 15 - 30 quid, which are in the same league as the expensive ones and are so much cheaper.

EDIT: Just noticed you dont want in ear ones, my bad.
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