Decent home phone (x3)

Found 26th Oct 2010

My current home phone (a Philips dect one) has started playing up (sometimes only 1 of the handset rings, or answering the phone hangs up the call, odd / annoying stuff)

So I'm after a new one, or rather 3, handset wise. I don't mind spending a little dosh on them but would like to get the most for my cash.

The 3 features I really like about the current one are:-

- Sim card reading, I put in my mobile sim and it copied all the numbers and names into memory, saved hours!
- Internal calling, being able to call the other handsets
- Transfering calls between handsets.

Other than no longer being reliable, the call quality could be terrible on the philips ones, so I'd like to get one with decent sound quality.

Any recommendations (of phones / places to buy them?)


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Get a Panasonic best by a long way imo
Any models to look out for?

I had a quick search for deals before posting this and nothing seemed to stand out, are there any good deals on a panny trio at the mo?
They look pretty good and well within budget. Any others I should compare these with?
We have the newer version of these with the colour screens and they are excellent. Well worth paying a bit extra for over the typical BT stuff.
Been having a good look through that ligo site, looks to have some good value phones. I like the colour screen upgrade on the panasonic ones. Are the siemens worth spending the extra dosh on? They seem to dominate the which reviews!
Have a look at Argos too. I was looking at this one. With £10 voucher, you will end up paying £49.99 for this. Good deal imo...not sure though if it can read SIM card.
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