Decent Internet phone on Vodafone needed.....

    I'm getting well and truly bored of waiting for a decent offer on a good internet usable phone.

    I was considering getting a vodafone sim only deal, sticking data on it and buying a second hand iPhone but can anyone recommend anything else?

    Phones I have considered - N97, iPhone 3G, Samsung i8910, HTC Touch HD, G1.

    Presently have an N95 on O2 which is excellent but I'm looking for better internet capability and something newer!

    Things I use - sat nav feature (I understand the iPhones limitations here), radio, internet, emails (important), bit of music, fun stuff.

    Is a second hand iPhone my best bet? Lots on Gumtree for £220 but not sure if they are dodgy!

    Am I going to have problems porting my number from O2 to Vodaphone (essential for me!)

    There seems to be a lot of new phones out there that have flaws over my N95!


    i have the new Sony Ericsson W995, it's best phone i've had

    I have a Blackberry Bold and Nokia N96 16GB to sell??

    Try the HTC Magic. Getting very good reviews, and is exclusive to Voda. Apparently the second best thing to the iphone at the mo.

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    Well I went and had a play with the N97 - must admit I was not overwhelmed.

    Aldo had a play with G1 and magic - I can see what they mean comparing it to the iPhone - definatley decent screen interface (where the N97 was sluggish)

    I reckon the Magic might be the one for me - esp at under £30/m

    I was told that ther eare problems syncing it to a PC?

    N96 - no better than my N95, Sony Ericsson W995 - I want a more internet focused phone, Blackberrys....possibly.

    Magic does not have a 3.5mm headphone socket which is annoying - what are these companies thinking?!

    Anyone recommend a review site - I currently use Cnet - is it decent enough?
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