Decent-ish "compact" phone?

Found 15th Nov 2017
Looking for some advice, please, folks?

Looking to get a first phone for my sons for Xmas.
My 5.5" Lenovo P2 phone is huge in their hands.
My wife's iPhone 7 is about right.
I'm not wanting to spend hundreds, so an iAnything is probably off the cards.

So I'm looking for decent-ish Android that's about the same size as the iPhone.
My P2 has served me well, so something of that sort of spec, maybe?

Ideally from the UK

All suggestions welcomed.
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Love my p2, best phone for the money. I know you say the p2 is large in there hands but would the larger screen not be easier on there eyes? especially if they are going to be playing games on there for hours on end, small screen phones are ideal for your fitting in your pockets, but if they are going to be used like a tablet which most kids do, they will appreciate the larger screen.
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They currently have tablets. The phones are for when they're away from the house (out with friends etc).
Based on my own experience with it, I'd get them a P2 in a heartbeat - but they're only 10, so the bigger P2 (and similar sized phone) will prove difficult to pocket. Which leads to it being sat down. Which leads to....
What about a Xiaomi Redmi 4X Global, about £100 for the 3gb ram/3gb storage model on here fairly often.
Used iPhone 5/s don't go for that much, decent sized device.
iPhone 4s is about £40-60.
iPhone se is around £180 sadly. But a small power house phone.

For android I couldn't really help you out. I tend to pick the larger displays myself.
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How about a Samsung Galaxy a3 Less than £100 if you buy refurbished or pre-owned
What about a Cat S30 smartphone? You said it's for kids. This is waterproof, drop proof up to 6 feet , so may last a bit longer than most phones.
Cat phone
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