Decent Laptop for £350

    Looking for a decent spec laptop for around £350, not needed for gaming really just football manager, so decent RAM and a speedy dual core processor would be ideal.

    Also wanting to pay for it over 12 months or so with 0% finance if possible.

    Can anyone help?



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    no one??

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    thanks for the response, are refurbs just as good as new?

    If i were to get a brand new laptop what is the best spec i could get with the budget?

    I have had 2 refurb laptops in the past 1 from comet, the other from the DSG group, both were in as new condition with no signs of any use.

    For best value for money on a new laptop I would normally recomend Dell, this one looks like your best bet…dhs

    Obviously not as high spec as the other two I posted, but it is brand new. It's upto you which was you go, you will also have to factor in the finance option of paying over 12 month, as not all shops do this.

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    Thanks for you help much appreciated

    This deal just posted look like exellent value, would snap it up myseld if I didn't already have a laptop.…ap/
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