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    Don't know if anybody on here can help me. My sister has asked me to find her a decent laptop for when she goes back to uni in September. She has about £350 to spend. I used to know a bit about PCs etc when I was younger but it seems now like there are a million and one processors out there and I am a bit confused. Can anybody reccomend a laptop that would suit her. She will mainly use it for MS Office, internet (wireless), storing her music, videos and photos. She will sometimes need to carry it into uni with her to work in the library.


    Most unis have deals with companies for laptops.

    Why not ask her to check with the uni to see what laptop deals they have.

    Have a look at Morgan Computers. They deal in end-of-line and refurbished stock - as a result you can get a bargain. I have bought stuff from there without any problems. Its website isn't always the best place, because the stores seem to have cheeky deals that aren't on-line. It's worth a look.

    theres normally good offers on at Dell Business...

    Have a look on

    Their refurbished laptops are from the same source as PCworld/Currys/Dixons (they have the same TheTechGuys getting started leaflet) but much cheaper. I bought a HP G60 and it's unmarked like brand new.

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    Ended up ordering the Acer deal from Amazon posted elsewhere on here but thanks for the advice to you all, rep added.
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