Decent laptop preferably new

    I am looking for a decent laptop, i would like it brand new but as long as its good condition its ok

    Not a really expensive one, under 350 pounds - the cheaper the better

    Must be wi-fi enabled, hard drive of 20gb plus




    Take a look at this one…953

    It should come down to just under £350 if you buy via Quidco.

    Have a look at Tesco's, I saw some in store last night which started at £299.99 for 20gb, I think they were made by Acer but not sure if they were wi-fi enabled. They also had a 40 & 80 gb drives but the prices went up for those!

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    woah thanks Mike thats a great deal :thumbsup:

    lorraine6865 thanks they sound good i will check tesco!

    Here's some info I have just seen on MSE

    Acer Travelmate wireless widescreen laptop

    intel celeron 380
    256 mb ram
    40gb hard drive
    Dvd re-writer
    15.4 inch screen

    Hope that helps :-)

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    thank you very much :thumbsup:

    The local Tesco, in my town has one for £300. Going like hot cakes.
    My son says it is a really good buy.
    Sorry dont know how to put up a link.:confused:
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