Decent LCD TV required

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Found 18th Sep 2009

Couple of criteria for the LCD TV:

Widescreen (although they all are now, aren't they?)
Headphone socket with decent sound coming out of it

Any recommendations? Preferably somewhere I can get it tomorrow. Good sound is important because I'll be listening through headphones a lot and I notice bad sound quality. Would I be right in thinking they all sound pretty much the same through the socket as long as decent headphones are plugged in, regardless of the tinny sound you might get from inbuilt speakers of some of the more crappy models?

All I'd want to use this for is mainly playing films from my Xbox 360, and occasionally playing games.

Any help appreciated



Edit: One that caught my eye so far is this - argos.co.uk/sta…htm - any thoughts?

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i seen one in my local asda store (barrow-in-furness) samsung 32" lcd with full HD 1080h for £327 which i thought was a good deal as i paid £475 for the same model 7 months or more ago
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