decent maternity wear!

    being of a larger size im struggling to find decent maternity wear, thats not too expensive... would love some dungarees and decent trackies but the mothercare ones are awful, would need to be in a size 20/22 ... any suggestions anyone?


    i got some of my maternity clothes from newlook. not sure what size they go up to though.

    Peacocks are now doing a maternity line and it is quite good. If you haven't got one near you they are now online.

    dorothy perkins sell up to size 22 on some items, might be worth a look

    DP sizes are skimpy.

    Next stuff is brillant and you probably get away with 20 for most stuff. Always try both sizes as i swore whn i was preggers last year sometimes 22 seemed smaller than the 20.

    Also I wore a lot ot tops from Next, Evans etc that flowed from the bust ( you know the kind skinny girls wear as dresses but us larger ladies wear with skinny jeans, leggings etc.

    Also i found some of M&S sportswear lasted me entire pregnancy sort of stretched with me . Like they do a basic black straight legged tracksuit bottom for £9.50 not maternity but they did the job. So long as you buy proper maternity tops or smock tops you can get away with non maternity trousers
    I also bought bump bands until ( they great to wear when your normal clothes just need the button undoing to cover this up) Then at end of pregnancy again if even your maternity tops are proving a bit short.

    I did get loverly wide legged grey trackies from mothercare and i never did really fill them and they were size 20 with a tie detail you could loosen

    I have some maternity stuff in 20/22 , few items i only wore a handful of times as i kept for best and best didnt come around that often lol.

    Asda do a good range (or did when i was pregnant), i agree about Next-they were good and lasted well too.

    I got some big sized stuff that wasn't maternity in Bon Marche cheap that lasted me well too in stretchy fabrics-don't know if thats any use to you.

    next have some stuff in your size in their online sale hun

    It's a few years ago now since I was despatched out into the wide blue yonder in search of maternity clothing but I recall getting some nice items for not very much from H&M.

    I don't know if they still do them but it might be worth a look.

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    fab guys, rep given, will start looking now!
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