Decent money back credit card

    I've just had a lovely letter from GE Money saying "Hope you've enjoyed using this card over the last 12 months, but we are discontining it, please go away (once you've paid)"

    Basically this card gave 3% back on all fuel and grocery purchases, and 1.5% back on everything else. Bit gutted its finishing really.

    Are they any other decent cards, as the only one they offer is a vanilla average rate card.

    I use my credit cards for pretty much everything I buy, but pay the balance off every month, so a great rate is not that important, but a stupidly high rate wouldn't be acceptable.

    As I spend lots, I want some cashback offers.... any suggestions?

    *I know this isn't really a deal request, but I thought this would be the best forum to harness the VFM legends of HUKD!

    edit: If it helps: I don't have a balance to transfer, I have a very good credit rating (last time i checked), and its quite important to me that I can pay it off online


    capital 1 platinum, 4% for the first 3 months 1% there after

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    capital 1 platinum, 4% for the first 3 months 1% there after

    I'll prob get that (if I can), but I'm not happy because it'll be their constant bombardment of spam through my letterbox will have got a result in their eyes

    I use the Egg card. Have a look on [url][/url] for card comparisons

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    I saw…tml

    which is very similar (2% on petrol and supermarkets) but its for the first £15 YES £15 only! Pointless really! Max you can earn back is 30p a month
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