DECENT Parking in Cardiff (Good price but ALSO good for my car)

    Can anyone help?

    I have an expensive car, so I can't park anywhere crap. How much am I looking at to park in Cardiff?

    Also, the OH wants to go to Hard Rock Cafe, so is that in the centre, or would we need to go to the car, move to another car park, and park elsewhere?

    Can someone advise?


    plus i think its still quidco too

    there is a park and ride near sophire gardens (past cardiff castle) its pretty safe there plus it includes a bus ride to the centre of the town, don't know what copany does it though.


    try purple parking...

    purple only do airport parking in cardiff AFAIK and its miles from the airport to the city centre

    Adams St car park is reasonable and close to the city centre but not too secure. i always park in Dumfrise place, right in the city centre and barriered but still prone to vandalism i'm afraid.

    Hard Rock is in the centre right by the castle

    I always park at the park and ride at County hall. Details here:

    County Hall (Cardiff Bay) CF10 4UW
    Every Saturday 9am to 6pm and every Sunday 10am to 5.30pm
    6 minute journey to city centre (Dumfries Place)
    Low floor buses for easy access operating every 10 minutes. The car park is attendant-controlled with CCTV coverage

    Directions - From the east, come off at junction 29 of the M4 and follow signs for Cardiff Bay.
    From the west, come off at junction 33 of the M4 and follow the A4232 to Cardiff Bay. Take a left as you come out under the Butetown Tunnel and another immediate left and turn right into County Hall.

    BTW i have a decent car and have never had any problems x

    There is a good NCP car park in Westgate Street (right Opposite the main enterance to the Millennium Stadium) City Centre location . walking distance to Hard Rock cafe (which by the way is not right by the castle!). The Adam St NCP car park has been voted one of the safest in the city. So for ease of walking I would go for the multi-story one in Westgate Street,

    depends on your definition of right by its what ? about 400m from it.

    really adam st was voted the safest?
    my daughter parks there every day while in the atrium and she looked out the window last week to see 2 gits trying to break into her car.
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