Posted 11th Jan 2023

One of my friends has just been stung with a £1200 repair bill on his Peugeot 308 hdi, so he's decided to get it fixed and get rid of it.

What competitive deals are around at the moment for a similar sided car? (Doing around 15000 miles a year)

Hopefully the 308 should be worth around £3k when fixed (119k on the clock with full FSH)

Would carwow be a good idea?

Many thanks in advance 😁
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    I’ve always found leasing cheaper than pcp although you don’t get the option to buy at the end of it with lease.

    leasing com is worth a look as well as what car leasing site. I usually find a broker deal and then get a dealer to match it but it’s a lot more expensive than it was last year, took delivery of a new car last month £80 a month more then previous lease 
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    I'm taking delivery of a lease car next week having given up on looking for a decent deal. Effectively renting and a total loss as far as the money is concerned, but with interest rates having gone up PCP deals are thin on the ground, the best you can hope for is a very generous dealer contribution to sweeten the deal. Leaseloco is good for comparisons and it handily gives you a PCP comparison. On the high spec fiesta that I have leased PCP would have been £100/m more. There are deals to be had, look up DefinitelyNotAGuru videos on Youtube.
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    Have a look on leaseloco
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    Thanks to all of you for the help. I've let my mate know. He's looking for somewhere to sell his current car first then he'll get nosing through everything
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