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Found 3rd Feb 2008
I am looking for a decent pen that will last a long time. I used to use parker pens but I found that even though they were very comfortable after a few months either the spring inside would break.

So I am looking at a budget of £30 - £40 for a good pen that will last me a long time. I am after a rollerball or ball point pen.

Any ideas? I have browsed all the makes of pen any I cant work out which is the best at this price range. I would also like to make sure that I can get refils for the pen and I would not have to take out a 2nd mortgage to do so.

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I would reconmend cross - but as to where to find them?
Cheers mate. Any other opinions on this also any good online stores that sell pens at a good price?
Cheers Fella

So many to choose from ;o)
That will be "misses" but you are very welcome.

I would propbably decide which one's I wanted then maybe search for them separately. Enjoy - I love mine !

Sorry about that Maam ;o)

So which one do you have? I know quite a few people with Cross pens. I was not sure whether to get a Rollerball or Ballpoint?

I quite like the set with the pencil for £25, but I prob wont use the pencil so I may get the £17 pen. Century i think it is.

Cheers again for your help
Parker Pen and change the refile to a Parker gel black writes like good one( use each day and every day) the best
Have you tried a fountain pen? I have the first one on this page jardin-d-eden.co.uk/aca…tml and it's a dream to write with. They do have it as a ballpoint, but I've never t!ied them so I can't comment
Would u be willing to higher the price of your initial offer. I could possibly sell you a Caran d'Ache for half its retail value say about £100?
Nope sorry mate

I am just after a decent pen for £30 - 50
this sounds stupid, but go to tesco. They have two kinds of the pen I am taking about, its basically black, with toblerone shape, ballpoint. Its about £2 and it writes better than cross and parker. (had both)

Smooth ink and it sits in the hand lovely!!

Tesco Extra

Got a WHS set which retail at £22.99
urs brand new for £5.38 paid by paypal with delivery thrown in, hell I will even gift wrap it to...

pm me if anyone is interested or reply through the post...
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