Decent phone contract for £10-15 a month.

    Only a few requirements:

    - Must have at least 50 inclusive minutes (although 100 would be ideal).
    - At least 300 inclusive texts a month (wouldn't mind more).
    - A semi-decent phone (Nokia 6300, a Blackberry or something maybe if it's not too much more)
    - I'd rather not have to send for cash back, however if it's an auto cash back scheme I would not mind.

    Thanks guys... I'm not too good with mobile contract hunting.


    if you can source a cheap phone then o2 simplicity plans are the most cost effective :thumbsup:


    Basically click the Free line rental button non your right and you get the cheapest contracts.

    Any luck?

    Boo i thought you were awake :oops:

    Anyway, since im a sado and am awake i found these options;

    Take a contract and phone

    ]Nokia 6300 / T Mobile

    £15 a month
    100 mins / unlimited texts
    free bluetooth headset
    Downfall is ........its a 24 month contract :x ]Vodafone offer thereabouts the same contract just with 200 mins and no headset.

    Or buy the phone seperate like Danny_d suggested and get one of the below (both monthly contracts)

    £9.79 a month
    150 mins / 300 texts

    200 mins / unlimited texts

    think virgin are doing sim only deal 200 mins&200 texts 30 day rolling contract £10 month.….do
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