Posted 11th Dec 2022 (Posted 13 h, 57 m ago)
Anyone found some of these that don't break on the first use? Thanks!
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    I have an official acrylic wedge from Compaq. I found using old credit cards do the job for me though - my finger nails thanked me! (That and guitar plectrums) (edited)
    Fab, I'll try a credit card next time. My spudger tool broke off trying to prise open a Lenovo...
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    Have you looked at the iFixit ones? In my experience they are fine

    You don’t want them to be too tough or they will damage the device you use them on
    Didn't realise they have a UK store, ta!
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    I bought a set from ebay a few years ago. Worth having a look there. Also use old credit cards/gift cards etc. They have the distinct advantage of being softer and wider than tools, so less likely to damage what you're trying to open.
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    Those are metal though - they might scratch whatever plastic case you are trying to open...
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    Metal spudger from eBay... or guitar plectrums are my goto...