Decent Portable Projector suggestions ?

Posted 22nd NovEdited by:"mrwhitelabel"
Im based abroad for large parts of the year so been looking at bringing a portable (lightweight, easy to put in a case) but good quality projector to connect either films from my laptop or usb/firestick
ideally 1080p native actual would be nice
I dont want to spend huge amounts but the reviews for many smaller seem to be very mixed with im guessing many fake/promoted reviews and then lots of 1*
Its not going to be used in daylight and it gets pretty dark in evenings quite early

Does anyone have any actual real world experience with a suitable one they can recommend.
Im hoping with black friday there can be some nice deals about

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I got one sent out to review and at the time it had a £180 price tag on it and no way hozay would I spend that. It passed 1080p but didn't project it, more like 480p
You should get a half decent one for £150 not sure what your budget is?
Thanks ideally 1-150
But less of an deal in.

Looking at so many just seems quality has been cut in favour of size
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