'decent' PSU, 600W or more


    My cruddy generic PSU blew the other day, so I'm hunting for a replacement. Rather than buy another cheapo one that's probably generating as much heat as DC power, I was looking at the higher end of the market.

    I came across a 700W modular coolermaster for just under £100 (yeah ouch) but it's 80plus gold certified so given the heavy usage it'd probably pay itself back over a year or three. At the moment that's my leading option but despite looking alright is more than I wanted to pay.

    So I guess I need to specify - modular is NOT necessarily a requirement, but decent efficiency is (80+ bronze or above I guess? unless a great deal on something else).

    I'd like to go 650W or so to give myself headroom, but can get away with less (am powering a Phenom II 920 with 8GB of DDR2. the gfx card is an awlful 9500GT but will probably be upgraded at some point, & I've got a few HDD's in there as well as the usual stuff). I'd also like to stay under £100 but if there's something that does cold fusion for £200 it's not out of reach - ideally I don't want to go too much above £75 but that's pretty much just a random number.

    Any ideas?



    when it blew did it take out anything else when it went

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    no evidence of it, but if it did I'll find out when I put in a replacement. then go grab an am3 board and a hex core CPU probably.

    700W Coolermaster Silent Pro Modular is £74.01 at scan today only

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    cheers, went for the £60 white 'be quiet' 600W modular PSU, after some convincing... shame I missed the coolermaster

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    woohoo, eventually received and now installed - and the cheapo psu blowing didn't kill my mobo/cpu

    Pretty quiet - not silent but I think a lot of the fault is my cheap case resonating rather than the PSU on that front.
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