Decent retention offer from Virgin Media or nah?

Posted 12th Mar
VM have only been in my area 2 years, so I got a really good offer when I joined, basically the whole package. My second year retention offer was bog standard TV - player I think, phone, and 200mb for £45.
That offer is ending going up to £60 a month. Now I don't use the phone line and the box hasn't been turned on in over a year. But we hammer the broadband with 4 gamers/streamers in the house, we use sometimes over 1tb of data a month. They offered 200mb for £25, or the 350 for £30. No phone or TV as we don't use it. Plus a credit which I forgot how much. Is that a decent offer? I've had a look round but a lot of posts have phone and/or TV included so I'm not entirely sure. Cheers.
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£25 and credit is a good deal, we got 200 for £20 about 6 weeks ago
It's a good offer
Problem is you’ll probably struggle with a different provider due to your usage, so I’d take the offer as BT probably couldn’t give you what you use.
£25 will get you around 30-80mb broadband on the BT network so personally id stick with Virgin at that.
Check BT and see what they offer then work out the overall cost after any cashback deals, no cost for you apart from 10 minutes from your day.
It's s very good offer. Snap it up
yea I cancelled as my 50 now 100 intendt going from 23.50 a month to 36 something, so of course got a call back and offered 26 for 100mb, I said it fine with 50mb so offered me 50mb for 23, first offer, knew probably get lower for few pounds but I was happy with that
Thanks for replying all. I accepted this morning with the 350. Still £15 a month saving from what I was on so decided to give that a go and upgrade. BT could only do up to 70mb for the low low price of a kidney and my firstborn child 😝
Im getting no luck with Virgin on the phone. Being offered 200mb for £38 & 100mb for £32.50
What they offered me wasn't great. Said no thanks I'll go to sky and put my cancellation in. The retentions team called me up literally a day or two after. I said I could get sky at 26/27 quid and that's when he did the offer.
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